Static websites for everyone.
Save time and money. Get a static serverless website without writing a line of code. 

Free your website

Don't get locked into expensive hosting contracts. Static websites can be hosted for next to nothing in the Cloud at Amazon S3 for example.

They are also faster, safer and easier to maintain than server-dependent websites. 

No coding

Pyxxi is more than a static site generator. With our wysiwyg editor, you can design visually without writing any code if you wish. 

Import and Export

Import and Export CSS style rules and media queries, HTML and markdown, and then edit them visually. Even dynamic content can be exported. 

Faceted search

  • Website search boxes
  • Faceted search
  • Live filtering
  • Auto-generated product and page lists
  • Combine filters and datasets to create powerful search and navigation features perfect for today's link-free mobile sites
  • All dynamic code is clientside and runs in the browser

Responsive Web Design Features

  • Create custom break points and media queries
  • Flexbox
  • Live responsive preview: just resize the editing window

CSS Generator

  • Add and edit styles rules visually or with css code
  • Define all types of classes including pseudo classes, combo classes, css combinators, nested classes and tag name classes
  • Generate and export CSS Stylesheets
  • Import style sheets and edit them visually

Save Time

Generate pre-formatted product and page lists

Create reusable modules and templates

Update lots of pages at once in grid view