Get Started

Adding Pages

Open the Add dialog (top left) by clicking the + button in the title.

Select Page.

Choose from New, Copy or Import. With import you can import page layouts from any of Pyxxi's templates.

Adding a New Page

Select a template and fill in the forms and click Add at the bottom of the dialog. 

Filename is a compulsory field. The rest are optional. Most of these fields will have been defined in Forms.  

To edit your page, open the Pages dialog. The new page will be listed at the top.

Product Pages

Product pages are added in the same way as other pages. See eCommerce

Editing Pages

There are two ways to edit pages. In Grid View or in Page View.

Grid View

With Grid View you can more quickly and easily edit lots of pages at once. You cannot format pages in Grid View or drop in page elements. 

Open the Pages Dialog.

Click the + button to expand the page's data forms and fill them in as required.

Expand the Pages dialog itself by dragging its edges.

To save changes, scroll to the top of the dialog and click the Save  button. Click the publish button to save and publish any pages which have just been changed. 

To re-publish all pages, click the Publish All Button (top right).

Page View

Click the edit button next to a page, and it will open in the Responsive View dialog .

To Save the current page, click the save button in the top menubar. To publish it, click the publish button 


You can preview your website in four ways:

To preview your entire website, click the preview button in the top menubar.

To preview the current page in mobile view, click the mobile button.  

Click the Tablet button to preview it in a tablet.

Live responsive preview

You can also resize the main window to any size by dragging its edges.

Docking, Moving and Resizing Dialogs

To move a menu drag it by the titlebar. You can move menus and dialogs anywhere on the screen. 

To expand a menu, click + to open it, and then drag its edges.

On a desktop computer, you can hover the mouse over the edge until an arrow appears and then drag.

To dock a menu back to the left, click the "-" button or drag it to the left and it will snap back into position.