Dynamic Lists

What is a Dynamic List?

Dynamic Lists are auto-generated lists of pages or products. 

You can combine them with a filter to form a search page or they can stand alone,
 for example, to form a list of related products on a product page. 

Create a Dataset Module

Go to Pages and Create a Module - Choose "Dataset" under "Module Format". 

Adding Fields

You now need to choose which of the fields or forms you created in Forms to include in the template. 

Click Insert Elements. Open the Fields dialog. 

Drag or sort any fields you wish to display in the dynamic list. 

If you wish to add a picture, drop in a Picture Field from the Fields Dialog. 

Save and publish the module.

Drop the dynamic list into a page or a template or combine it with a Filter module to make a search page

Fields as Links

If you wish a field to be a link, add a link to it using the link tool in the Text dialog. Any anchor text will be removed. 

Setting Data

To set what to show in the dynamic list when it is first loaded:

Click on a dataset module in a page or template. 

Click Get Data under Data at the top of the page.    

A search form will appear containing the facets you defined in Forms. Choose the facet values or options that define the pages or products you wish to show in your dynamic list. 

Click the Get Data button in the dialog.

Export Dynamic Lists

Dynamic Lists can be exported along with all your other content, and they will run in a browser, so you don't need a server to process them.