Custom Faceted Search

You can combine facet filters  and dynamic lists  to create a custom search page or to add a mini filter and a dynamic list to any page.

Drag and drop a facet filter and a dynamic list into a page.

Link the Filter and the List

Click on the filter. A list of on-page Dataset targets will appear in a dropdown menu under Data at the top of the page.

Choose one. The filter and the dataset are now linked.

Note: if you have duplicate dataset modules on a page, add an id or a class to the one you wish to link to, to differentiate it from the others.

Note: A filter must contain the same facets as any starting data set on a dynamic list linked to it. For example, if you the starting data on the dataset includes a value for color, a facet form for color must be included in the filter. 

Add a search box.