Facet Forms and Content Forms

In Pyxxi there are two types of forms. Facet Forms and Content Forms.

Facet Forms define facets of pages or products. For example color, size, category.

Content Forms define content areas, which can be used to build templates.

Creating and Editing Forms

Click Forms above the Responsive View dialog.

Save or discard current changes.

The Forms dialog will open.

Edit Facet Forms

To display a Facet Form's values, click the edit icon next to the form.


Each Option (for example, "All", "red", "blue") defines a possible value. You can add them, delete them and edit them.  

Editing Options

Click or Tab to an Option. Click on it and type 

Deleting Options

Click the delete icon next to it. 

Adding Options

Click the Add Option (+) button.

New Options appears which can be edited as above.

Adding New Facet Forms

Click new facet. A dialog box appears.

Type an ID into the ID box.

Type in a description.

Add Options and edit them as above.

Press OK to add the form.

Create a New Content Form

Click New Content Field. 

Fill in the id and the description. Click ok.

Deleting Forms

To delete a form click the red cross next to it. 

Click Save. (Saving may take a couple of minutes.)