Product Pages

Adding Product Pages

Product Pages are created in exactly the same way as other pages, so they are easy to integrate into your website, making search engine optimization easier and helping you to engage and retain visitors.

Product Variations

You can use Forms to set up product variations. Instead of creating separate product pages for each product variation, such as color or size, you can create a single product page with multiple variations.  

Go to Forms Help to see how to set that up.

Conditional Variations

You can also link variations together to create complex products. 
For example, you may be selling tables with a choice of oak or pine, but within pine you also offer a choice of new pine or antique pine.   

You could also use linked forms to create wizards for custom or made-to-order products, which require a user to choose many different options. For example, made-to-order blinds, sofas or curtains. 

To achieve this you would need to do this: 

  • Create a "Tables" form with choices of "Pine" and "Oak". Then another form 'PineType' with choices of antique and new. 
  • Open the relevant product template
  • Click Insert Element, then Fields
  • Drag the Tables form onto the page 
  • Select pine. Another box will appear. Drag and drop your PineType form into this box. (If you wish to Sort in a form (rather than drag), click and hold the shift key before you start sorting, so that the container box remains visible.)

  • You then need to update a relevant product that offers Pine and Antique Pine and New Pine. 

Open the Pages dialog, open the relevant page (+), and open Forms. In the Tables form, highlight Pine, and in the PineType form highlight New and Antique. 

Note that only form values that you have selected will be shown as choices for that product. 

The results is that when a visitors selects pine in this product, another drop down will appear offering the choices of antique and new. 

Price Variations

You can also create a different price for each variation. Open the pages Dialog. Click "+" next to a page. Click Store > Price Variations. There will be a box for each of all possible price variations. 

If all variations have the same price, leave them blank and just fill in the Price Form above. 

Paypal Buy Now Buttons

To sell using Paypal Buy Now buttons, you need to add a buy it now button to your product template and also ro turn it on for relevant products.

Add a Buy Button

1. Open your product template. 

2. Click Insert Elements at the top. Then Fields. 

3. Drag or Sort the "buy" button into the template.  

Turn on Buy Button

To add a Paypal Buy Now Button to a page, open the Pages dialog.

Click + next to a page.

Click + next to Store.

Select yes under "Add Buy Now Button". 

For more information on setting up an account with Paypal, go to

Note that the paypal account used is the email address you used to set up your Pyxxi account. 

Adding a Paypal View Cart Page

In a page, module or product template, click Insert Elements > Elements. 

Drag the View Cart button onto the page. This will link to a Paypal Cart, which you can set up in Paypal.